Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting Ready to Go

So it is Tuesday morning and there are only a few hours left before we leave for Dulles.  My cousins, Anne and Phil, have offered to drive us to the airport so we don't have to leave a car there.  Dad went to work and still hasn't packed!  He is a light packer though and I am hoping to squeeze some of my extra clothes in his suitcase.  Right now, the scale says my suitcase is 55.2 lbs and it can only be 50 otherwise the airline will charge me $150 for an overweight bag.  I'm really excited about my trip and the chance to relax post packing-stress.  I haven't slept much in the last week and am hoping to nap on the plane.  Kevin has set up the Nook for me (birthday present) and I'm looking forward to reading up on my Greek Mythology and German history books.  Next time I post, I will be in Europe!  Woohoo!

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